Worth The Wait

My group for today has been plagued with bad weather, and blown out on their last three charter dates. Today made it all worth the wait!

I didn’t have a trip yesterday, but I heard that the dolphin fishing was good and that there had been some blue marlin action as well. We set our lines out close to 100 fathoms and started our search. There was plenty of grass, but it was a scattered mess and really hard to fish. We spent a lot of time cleaning off our baits, but did wind up with a nice catch of dolphin, gaffers and bailers. At 12:00 I detected the presence of fried chicken and suggested to my group that "good things happen when you feed the captain". After choosing a couple of nice looking pieces and beginning to enjoy my lunch, A blue marlin made his lunch selection…my right long rigger! He put on an incredible show, but wound up going deep, getting tail wrapped and dying. We brought him on board, and to the dock where he has been carved up and shared around people who wanted a piece for their smoker. The marlin weighed in at 438 pounds. Good job hanging in there Tommy! On top of everything else, it was a gorgeous day. Thanks Jim, and I look forward to the next time!

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