5/24 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

The dolphin fishing slowed down a bit from how it’s been lately, but the marlin action heated up!

Don’t get me wrong, there were enough dolphin to scrap out a catch, just not a "box full". Some of the guys stayed inshore and put together a catch, while others spent the day in the deep. We chose the latter, and for the amount of grass that we found out there, it was really a lot of work for not a lot of bites. Persistence paid off though, and we wound up with a dozen or so dolphin, mostly decent size gaffers. I was anxious to have a marlin bite since there had been quite a few reported on the radio, so when a 250 pound blue marlin appeared behind the left shortrigger, it was worth the wait. He crashed the bait and gave us a pretty good show consisting of several jumps before letting go of the hook. I hate to loose them, but love getting the bite! Thanks guys for getting on the make-up list, and I’m glad everyone enjoyed themselves!

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