Back To Work!

After four days out of the ocean, I was ready to be offshore again!

We had a good bit of action today, some good, some aggravating. Our main targeted species was dolphin, but anything good for table fare would work. We found some dolphin but the ocean was covered in shearwaters which are pelagic birds common to our area this time of year. The trouble was that they were abundant and they were STARVING! Believe it or not, most of the day we had birds trying to eat our baits. When we found a school of bailers, we couldn’t get a bait to the fish for the birds. Very frustrating. Still we managed to catch a dozen dolphin including two or three gaffers. We had an exciting battle with a blue marlin that appeared to our left teaser before switching to a big bait on an 80. Everything went perfect through his first series of jumps and as we were within 50 feet of the leader, he made another series of ten or more "greyhound" jumps away from the boat. Apparently on the last jump the wire somehow kinked and he broke our leader. Bummer. Early in the afternoon we decided to take advantage of our location and lack of current by dropping to the bottom. Chase hand cranked in a big eye snapper and we also brought up a 30 pound snowy grouper. Now that’ll eat! Thanks Corey, see you in the morning!

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