7/18 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Today we had great moments of action between the long periods of waiting…but that’s fishing!

We started the day off with a gaffer dolphin, followed by a sailfish show of a dozen or more jumps before coming loose from the hook. There had been a few wahoo bites in the shallows, and I was faced with the decision whether to troll offshore and explore with most of the fleet, or pound the shallows in hopes of some wahoo and sailfish action. I headed on off, but with the exception of three bailers, it was a pretty long drought. We did have another billfish encounter which I couldn’t positively identify, but felt pretty heavy as I passed Justin the 80 from the bridge, with line peeling off. Our poor luck continued as he came unglued too. I had to make a couple of location adjustments based on information provided by other boats in the fleet, but finally found a good school of dolphin and had a "one stop shopping" experience. Before that action, I noticed Jeff looking curiously at me on the bridge, and I’m sure he was wondering if I knew where the fish were. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I knew where the fish were either, but it finally all worked out! I suggested that we get back to marlin fishing since the action had been pretty good around the fleet, and just before quitting time, we managed to catch a sailfish, for a little icing on the cake. Next time we’ll get a wahoo for Andrew! Thanks guys!

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