7/19 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

After a blunt discussion about the weather, my group was still adamant about going fishing. It all worked out as we wound up with a great catch of dolphin!

The dolphin fishing that we found was out over 100 fathoms, and thanks to the 20-25 knot southwest winds, it was plenty choppy. We found several good schools of fish, but the sea conditions made bailing dolphin a struggle. Still, after several bunches, we had the better part of a limit and I began trolling back inshore. We did bend a pole on a small billfish, either a white or sail, but it was so windy that switching him off to a dink bait was a challenge. There were quite a few sailfish and wahoo bites amongst the rest of the fleet as we all trolled towards home this afternoon. We had a couple of bites and caught a king mackerel, but never hooked a wahoo. Thanks guys for tuffin’ it out!

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