7/25 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Today we fished in a 20 knot north breeze, which made the ocean a little bumpy, but the air was a little cooler for a change!

I hope you have an appreciation for honest fishing reports, and that’s what I try to provide…even when it’s hard to simply say "it was slow"! For the most part, the difference from boat to boat was how well they held on to their bites. A couple of the guys had a pretty good batting average and managed to scrap out a few wahoos and maybe a dolphin or two. We didn’t fare as well. We had six or seven wahoo bites today and only boxed one. We also landed a pretty nice gaffer dolphin, and had a few other mystery bites. There’s nothing I love better than reporting about GREAT FISHING, but it just isn’t always the case. One thing is for sure though…it will change! Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy your fish fry!

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