7/30 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

I’ve gotta say that it was the most comfortable day that I have fished in a while. The winds were pretty light most of the day, and the overcast skies kept things pretty cool.

I was expecting to pick up where we left off yesterday with some great wahoo fishing, but I managed to run south of where the best of it was today. We did however land in a good spot for some great dolphin action. We found an area of grass that had several schools of dolphin, and even though it wasn’t "one stop shopping", it was good enough for us to limit out within an hour or so after finding the grass. We did have one wahoo encounter. I hope he’s still choking on our baits because he ate four of them and never got hooked! A few of the boats further to the east had some better wahoo action. Thanks for a great day Steve!

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