8/7 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

What a difference a day can make. After yesterday, I was ready to jump head first back in to another great day of wahoo fishing, but the bites were few today.

It really turned out to be a gorgeous day, but we had to fish through a pretty heavy rain squall this morning. After that, the sun shined all day and the seas were calm. Luke caught our only wahoo today, and we missed one other. We lost a blackfin tuna and caught a couple of albacore. Eliza was in the chair for one of the albacore, which wound up being hooked in the side, and we didn’t know what she had on the line! She hung in there and fought the fish to the boat, but we were all disappointed when it wasn’t a wahoo or a sailfish! Fortunately we found a float on the way in and bailed almost half a limit of dolphin. They were on the small side, but we were glad to have them, and once they are on the grill no one will be complaining! Thanks for the trip Brother, and I hope you make it on the next one. Merideth…enjoy your kitchen!

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