Rainy Day In Paradise

The ocean was pretty flat today, but it rained ALL morning, and part of the afternoon! The good news is that the fish were hungry!

It was another one of those days. The good kind. We caught three gaffer dolphin right after we put our lines in the water, so the pressure was off early. Of course, I never feel a lot of pressure when I fish with these guys anyway, but it’s always nice to get a couple fish in the box early. The wahoo action was pretty good and we managed to land three out of six bites during the next hour or so of fishing. My buddy Charles really wanted to find some dolphin, so I worked on offshore in hopes of finding a float. I told Charles that it would be like finding a needle in a haystack in all the rain, but we would go look around. I fished out to 300 fathoms and back in to 170 before finding a streak of grass that looked promising. Somehow, in the pouring down rain, I found a tree limb that was completely loaded down with big bailers. We hammered out a limit in no time. I even went down and caught a couple! While I was in the deep, and the current was slack, we made a drop to the bottom. That worked out too, with a 40 pound snowy grouper! By the time we got in, the rain had quit. Now I’ve just gotta get my shoes dry for tomorrow! Thanks again Charles and Lisa!

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