8/21 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Ok, so today is another one of those days that I have to suck it up and give you an honest report. I would have to say that fishing overall wasn’t so bad, but our luck wasn’t the best.

Aside from the fact that it rained all day, the ocean was very nice and it was a cloudy cool day offshore. There was a fair amount of life offshore. A couple of the boats scrapped out pretty nice catches of wahoos, while some of the guys picked at the blackfin tunas. There weren’t a lot of dolphin today, although there were a few found around a couple of floats. There were three blue marlin released today, as well as a white marlin and a sailfish. I did an outstanding job of driving around most of the action (it really takes skill). We had three or four wahoo bites today, hooked two of them and landed one, thanks to Joe. My young friend David landed a real nice king mackerel and an oceanic bonito, while Amy wound in a blackfin tuna. Peter caught a false albacore which will get used for bait tomorrow, hopefully! Thanks again guys!

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