8/30 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

It simply doesn’t get any nicer than it was offshore today. Calm, cool and cloudy!

Fishing seemed like it was going to be scrappy in the morning, but things turned around. We pulled off a wahoo on the way out this morning, and after a couple hours of nothing pulled off what I believe was a blue marlin, on three different baits! Finally we started picking away at some dolphin, and then we had another blue marlin encounter as a 300 pounder tried to eat a dolphin that was hooked on a bailing rig! Justin and I both fired baits at him, and he followed us around for a few circles but never really made a charge at a bait. Still it was good action. Another boat invited me to join him around a float that he had found and that’s where we finished up with our limit of dolphin. Thanks again Dennis, and I’ll try to stay free from "mug shots"!

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