Mixed Company

I had a good time with this group today although we had quite a bit of college rivalry going on. Two of us were Tarheel fans, we had a couple of Buckeyes one Volunteer and a Wolfpacker. Fortunately the fishing was good enough that it wasn’t an issue for most of the day, but from time to time we had to put Brad in his place…thanks Derrick.

We had a "two stop" situation today with our dolphin, and got close enough to a limit that we put the bailing rods away. The wahoo fishing was good, and our average was on the right side today as well. We managed to catch six out of seven or eight bites. Steve had one that was in the upper 30s, but didn’t quite make the 40 pound mark for a citation. We did have one billfish encounter on a flatline, but I wasn’t sure which variety it was. He paddled in, knocked out the bait, but disappeared while we were trying to switch him off to a TLD. I saw him one more time behind a long rigger, but he was just browsing at that point. Still, it’s good to raise a fish to a flatline even if you don’t complete the deal. Thanks again for a fun day guys, and I can’t wait to see you next time!

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