9/12 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Today we had quite a bit of variety. The fishing wasn’t "red hot", but it was steady. A bite here and there added up to a nice catch by the end of the day!

I had my mind set on wahoos this morning, but shortly after we started I had an ADD moment and found myself trolling offshore in hopes of finding some dolphin. I did find some streaky grass out over 100 fathoms, caught two or three bailers and lost a couple others, but came to my senses in time to work back in to the break and scrap out a nice catch. We wound up landing five wahoos today, and lost a couple of others. We also caught three blackfin tunas, one of which was a citation 29 pounder caught by Joe. Mikael earned her first citation today as well with a sailfish release, which was one out of two that we saw. Thanks guys, and good luck tomorrow!

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