9/22 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

There couldn’t have been a more beautiful day to be offshore than today. The fish must have been enjoying it too because they didn’t want to bite!

The last time these guys went fishing with me it was rough as crap, so it was a treat to have them on a pretty day. Not long after we set our lines out, Dave caught a wahoo. After that, we waited and waited and waited some more. With the exception of a couple of bottom fish, we never had another bite all day. I trolled out over 1000 fathoms in hopes of finding a float, and some dolphin. We did find a couple of floats, but no dolphin. Things were pretty slow everywhere, so I didn’t miss much by exploring the deep. Dave asked me if I was gonna "photo shop" some more fish in my picture today, but I’m trying to keep it all honest! In spite of a slow day of fishing, everybody had a great time and enjoyed being together on a beautiful day. Thanks again guys!

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