Belated Birthday!

Bill’s birthday gift had to be rescheduled from it’s original date in June, due to bad weather. I think everyone agreed that it was worth the wait!

We had some pretty hot marlin action this morning, and even though we didn’t get one to the boat, everyone enjoyed seeing the bites and watching the jumps. We raised two fish that we couldn’t accurately identify, but we clearly hooked one out of a doubleheader of white marlins, only to loose the one, then a single that wouldn’t switch off from a big bait to a smaller one. The highlight of our marlin action was a 400 pound blue marlin. He crashed the right long rigger, missed it, rose to the left short, wheeled around and crashed the left long. He took a lot of line and made a bunch of jumps. I thought everything was under control, but he started another series of jumps as I was backing up and the line got slack. Gone. Ugh, bummer. Still, Bill said the trip was worth it after that! I suggested trying a bottom drop to get some dinner, and Bill wound up a citation, 28 pound snowy grouper from 100 fathoms. After that, I asked if they wanted to shallow up and try for a wahoo or keep rolling the dice with the bills. They said to try for wahoo, so I trolled back in to the break. As I made my first pass, we hooked four out of five wahoos…and landed all four! It was a "day maker"! On top of everything else, it was glassy calm all day. Thanks Bill and Lori!

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