10/4 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Today we enjoyed a nice calm day…and a steady bite!

The wahoos got the best of us today, but the bite was fairly steady. We wound up catching two out of nine bites (ouch!). At one point I made a lap offshore, and it was worth it. After landing one of our wahoos, a blue marlin appeared behind the left short rigger. He fell back to the left long and tried it. He never bent the pole, but managed to steal my bait. After that he followed us around for a circle or two, showing us just how "lit up" he could get! Several times it looked like he was going to crash a bait that Justin put in front of him, but he kept backing off. Fun to see! I found a float that was holding some big bailers and we managed to boat 30 of them. All in all, a fun trip with a lot of action! Thanks Garrett!

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