October Marlin Action

The meat fishing was slow for most of the fleet today, but we got lucky and had some great billfish action!

Unfortunately most of the fish we raised wouldn’t eat a bait, but everybody got to see plenty of cool stuff. We caught the first bite we had, a sailfish off of the left teaser. After that we raised another sail to the right teaser but he never switched off or tried to eat another bait. A half a circle later, I had a white marlin follow a big bait all the way up to the flatlines, but he never switched off. Next we raised a blue marlin to the right short, but he wouldn’t eat either. The next bite was a 300 pound blue marlin on the left short (Eye Catcher "Agitator"). He wasn’t messing around. He crashed the bait and we were tight. Everything went perfect, and we got within 100 feet of the leader before he came off during a series of jumps. Ok, back to work. The next fish we saw was another white marlin to the right short. He came in hot, but faded off and never ate. Finally, we raised another sail to the Agitator, but he wouldn’t make the switch either. We did catch a few dolphin in the morning, and I heard of a few wahoos caught around the fleet, but overall kinda scrappy. Thanks again Rob, and thanks for the great pictures of the blue marlin and sailfish!

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