Hunter’s First Offshore Trip

My buddy Jeff threaded the needle perfectly with the weather. He happened to book the calm day between two windy ones! The weather was perfect and so was the fishing!

I was out of town through Wednesday, and yesterday we got blown out, so it was great to get offshore again after a break. Our morning started off great with some dolphin action. Throughout the day we found a couple of schools, and several trolling flurries, enough to catch our limit. The dolphin were especially nice today, big bailers and probably ten or twelve gaffers. Late in the morning I worked offshore to look around, and we raised a doubleheader of sailfish. One of them bit, but we missed him. Shortly after that we raised a single, and Jeff caught him. After another few minutes of trolling we raised another sail to a teaser, and Hunter had his turn to fight one. He did a great job keeping the line tight and got the release on his sailfish. Next, we targeted some wahoo and were able to land two out of three, thanks to Michael and Jerry. Lots of action and lots of fun! Thanks Jeff!

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