10/25 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

We enjoyed what may be the last "pretty" day for a while, thanks to approaching hurricane Sandy. We also had quite a variety of action!

We didn’t have the "red hot" wahoo action that I was expecting, but we did catch two out of three that we hooked today. We also got struck by the yellowfins once and held on to two 25 pounders, out of seven bites. We had some billfish action today as well. Our first encounter was a successful sailfish switch, and everything went perfect. The second one got hooked on a 50, and stayed on for several jumps before getting away. A first for me was when a blue marlin rose behind a bailing rig and followed us around for a minute or so. Justin tried to put a bait in front of him but cut squid was all he wanted. Later I saw a third sail cutting in some bait but he never looked at one of ours. The finale was a nice school of dolphin at the end of the day. We managed to catch 25 or so out of it before wrapping things up. Thanks again Tommy, it’s always good to see you!

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