Killing Time

Well, we waited out hurricane Sandy, and now we’re at the tail end of a coastal storm. Crews are working to get highway 12 passable as soon as possible while the ferry system has been put in place to provide access to Hatteras Island for people. There is a good chance that by this weekend there will be 4 wheel drive access open, so the ferry lines can be avoided. It looks like this weekend is supposed to be beautiful so it’ll be good to get back offshore!

In the meantime, I have gotten back to work on Jon’s skiff. I didn’t photograph all the step that have gotten me to where I am now, but since the big blow I have built the gunwales and top decks, glued them, glassed them, smeared them, and yesterday we ripped mahogany bumpers for her and put them on. I need some foam to build his fish/drink box and I have to build a center console. Not too far away from final fairing and getting ready for primer.

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