Slick Calm!

My buddy Mark called me last night and asked me if I would take him yellowfin fishing today!

I don’t blame him, with fishing like it was on Saturday…who wouldn’t want to go?! Well, as we all know, things change in a hurry out there, and the hot yellowfin bite we had a couple days ago was nothing more than a good memory today. I will say that if you ever wanted to catch some tilefish, the bottom seemed to be alive with them. Mark and Stephanie welcomed my son Simon along, and he cranked in his share too. It didn’t take long to get our 3 per person limit. We did catch a pretty nice gaffer dolphin, which is unusual for January, and toward the end of the day we tried some jigging for blackfin tuna. We had no trouble getting bites, and caught three tuna on our first three drops. Mark caught a citation 21 pounder too! After that, the sharks moved in and we couldn’t get another tuna to the boat. We lost four tuna, jigs and all, and called it quits. There are definitely a lot of blackfins there, if you could fish for them. Thanks again for a wonderful day offshore and I’ll see you again soon!

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