3/10 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

We went out in search of a bluefin tuna but were surprised when a school of dolphin found us, first thing!

I couldn’t really fuss at Justin too much, as rigged up as he always is, I didn’t expect him to have the bailing rods ready and a pound of squid thawed out. We still caught four before they got tired of cut ballyhoo. We got reports of some tuna action a good ways to the east, so after a brief discussion with my group, we decided to jog that way and hope for the best. I found a nice area of bluefins swimming down sea, circled around and caught one out of two bites. The one we landed was perfect size, a 200 pound, 72 incher. Landing him was a group effort, but Jim got the credit since he did most of the work. Good job guys!

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