Rolling The Dice

We started out jigging for blackfins this morning, and had plenty of action. We caught a couple of nice tuna, lost a couple and fought a load of albacore.

When the report came over the radio of a couple bluefin bites, I gave my guys the option of sticking with our plan or steaming up to the area where the big boys had been seen. The wanted to take a chance on getting a big bite, so off we went. Hindsight, being as clear as it often is, said we should have stayed put, but we didn’t have the luxury of hindsight when we were running to the northeast. I did have some good marks, and we tried jigging and trolling but never had a bluefin bite. The blackfin fishing turned out to be pretty good for the couple of boats that gave it some time. One boat had a handful of yellowfins further south as well. Thanks for another fun day Lance, it’s always a pleasure fishing with you!
Now you can relax…I didn’t even pick on you!

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