3/3 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

I started out with the same game plan as yesterday, but today the bluefins made a much better showing.

We jigged a few blackfins first thing this morning. We did have to deal with a bunch of albacore but when the sharks moved in and started eating off our jigs I was ready to move on. There were reports of schools of bluefins on the surface further up the line, so we switched gears and worked in that direction with the heavy poles out. I saw several waves of fish swim by the boat, but only had one trolling bite. Justin loaded up our heaviest jigging outfit and dropped it on a mark when I gave him the word. Contact. We fought a nice bluefin for an hour and twenty minutes, and had him within sight for quite a while. I thought we had him in the bag but he made a sudden move and caught the line on the corner of the boat. There is no way to describe the feeling of losing a big fish after a long battle, but it sucks. Just bad luck. Scott, I appreciate you guys hanging in there and hope we get a chance to even the score!

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