….The Day After

So, I’ve been stuck in the shop all week while the coastal low pounded us. It was good to finally get back offshore!

Once we hit the hot water, the swells grew considerably. I tried to snap a couple of shots as we approached the color change, and once we were in the blue water. Anyway, I fished south of the other two boats that were out. We hoped to find a bluefin, but didn’t know where they might turn up since the last week of gale force winds from the north. Not long after getting started, Dave caught a citation, 35 pound blackfin, and a couple hours later JP landed a 160 pound bluefin. I saw another single bluefin shortly after setting lines back out, but he didn’t bite. The other boats saw some bluefins east of us as well. Thanks again for a great day guys, and I’ll see you in September!

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