More From The Bottom

My buddy Greg was scheduled to fish yesterday. Since it was forecasted to blow 20-25 from the southwest, and today out of the north at 5-10, we bumped the trip back a day. Well, this morning when I got up, the forecast had increased and it was already breezing. I had my usual dockside discussion, and it was a quick and unanimous vote to go fishing!

I was really pleasantly surprised until after lunch, and that’s when the wind got it’s act together. The ride home was long and slow into a 25 + knot north wind. We stopped and picked up our grouper for today, a 30 pounder, and then looked around for some more golden tiles. The drift was a little strange today, and once the winds picked up, bottom fishing became close to impossible for us, but we did catch three, including one on a jig…good job Jay! Thanks Greg, and I’ll see you in May!

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