Variety…From The Top And Bottom

My friend Jim was back again, and since he has already done the bluefins, wanted to try for something else.

I headed back to the south in hopes of finding a yellowfin for him. We covered a good bit of ground without a bite, so I recommended trying to scare up a grouper for supper. All went as planned as we boated a citation 34 pound snowy. Shortly after our trolling baits were back in the water, we hooked three dolphin. They were a surprise for March, but then again, nothing surprises me any more. I fished in and out and up with no more trolling action, so I made another pit stop to try for some more golden tilefish. It turned out to be another good decision and before we left had our limit of goldens and a half dozen rosefish. The goldens were big today. Out of the six we landed, only one of them was under 25 pounds. We set our lines back out and found a place of yellowfins and blackfins busting the surface. We managed to land two of each to close out our day. The bluefin report from the east was a good one. Plenty of action. Thanks for another great trip Jim, and A+ for the smile!

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