Double Dippin’

So, I suggested to my group that they decide one or the other, bluefins or whatever we can catch to the south. They picked the latter.

The bottom fishing was off the hook and in no time we had our limit of goldens and our one snowy grouper for the day. I gotta give props to Chelsea, who caught two 30 pound golden tiles AT THE SAME TIME, on a jigging rod! She stuck with it and got the job done. Two things came in to play at that point. The bluefin action was further south than it has been, and we had time to troll up to the fleet. Before I got to the fleet I found a place of bluefins rolling on the surface. On our first pass we hooked up and Brock battled an 81 incher to the boat in about an hour. Great job Brock! Anyway, we were blessed with a beautiful day and some great action. Thanks Daniel, I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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