Yellow And Gold

When we cranked up this morning the wind was calm and the water in the harbor was slick. Before we pulled out of the slip, a front passed over us and the winds were blowing 25-30 from the north. We hoped that it would subside soon, but it was the end of the day before we had any relief.

There was a very scattered yellowfin bite in the morning, even more scattered for us since we never had a bite till after lunch. Finally we turned the right way and landed five out of seven yellowfins in one swoop. Shortly after that we boated three out of four. I was pleased with the size too, 30-40 pounders. Everybody did a great job, especially Justin who was able to land all of those tuna in extreme conditions! We also took advantage of an opportunity to make a couple of quick drops to the bottom. Our efforts yielded two golden tiles and a rosefish! Thanks again Nick, and I look forward to seeing you guys again!

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