7/23 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

Today the southwest winds were forecasted to be 20-25 knots, and they were pretty accurate. Of course, I had "the talk" with my party, and the vote was YES!

No two days have been alike this summer, and today was completely different from yesterday. I found a streak of grass on the way out and decided to give it a look. It was a good decision because we found the mega school of dolphin and had "one stop shopping". After catching our limit, we did our best to crank our baits away from the random dolphin that attacked us as we looked around for something bigger. We managed to land one out of three wahoo bites, went 0 for 2 on sails, and landed a big king mackerel as we were picking our lines up. We bagged it a little early as the seas were building, but tomorrow looks like better weather. Thanks Bill!

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