7/31 Hatteras Offshore Fishing Report

The weather stayed about the same today…PERFECT! Fishing seemed to pick up today, it was good to see some dolphin showing back up!

As luck would have it, we caught our first four bites, 3 were wahoos and one was a blackfin tuna. As I trolled offshore, we came across a float that had some nice bailers around it and we managed to bail a dozen or so. We skipped baits for a few hours in hopes of some billfish action, and finally had a shortrigger bite, but no contact, and I really couldn’t identify what species it was. There were some billfish caught around the fleet, so that was encouraging. In the afternoon I pointed her back inshore and managed to catch one more wahoo…or most of him, thanks to a barracuda! I enjoyed the day with you guys Jeff, and hope to see you back this fall!

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