Special Day!

Today was special for me because I got to spend the day offshore with my dad and my son!

My son, Simon, invited his friend Mikey to join us. Justin brought along his six year old son Jack as well. My mission was for all the kids to catch something. Mikey was first in the chair and wound in a nice wahoo. Simon was next, and landed one of his own. We were hoping for a small one for Jack, but with some help from his dad, wound up landing the biggest wahoo of the day! We had several other wahoos that got away, and Mikey did catch a blackfin tuna. I made a lap offshore, but didn’t have any action in the deep. I decided that an early departure would be in order since my dad had a drive ahead of him this evening. Also, somehow I wound up with all three kids on the bridge with me for the afternoon, and I was about to have an anxiety attack. On the way in, I found some grass patches and was able to put the boys on some dolphin bailing action, so that was a great way to finish up (plus it got them off the bridge). Thanks for a great day dad, I love ya!

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