Big Bailers!

Today, with a nicer weather forecast, I made plans to fish back up where I fished yesterday, and cap off a catch of wahoos with some yellowfins. Everything about my plan went wrong!

First, the light northeast winds turned out to be 20 + all day, against 2 1/2 knots of current. It was much rougher than I had expected. Second, there was no wahoo action to the east, and even though I trolled ten more miles to the east hoping for a tuna wham, that never materialized either. The good news was that all the wahoos and tunas turned in to dolphin! We managed to bail a limit of big bailers in a couple of stops. Holden and Rose both had fun, but I think Rose was glad to get back in to calmer water! Not many boats fished south but I think there may have been better wahoo action down there. Thanks David!

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