A New Year!

It’s cold where you are, so you should give some thought to warming up in Hatteras!

We’ve been plucking along at the kings commercially, some days we scrap out a fair catch and we’ve had a few big days too. There are a few things going on that would be of interest to somebody that’s ready to bend a pole. You could still have some good live bait action with the kings right now. There is a great sign of blackfin tuna that could be caught on the jigs or trolling, and as of January 1, snowy grouper and golden tiles opened back up, so you could harvest some good stuff from the bottom too. I am thinking about when to schedule my spring "haul out", and as I glanced at my other propeller that is sitting outside my shop, re-worked and ready to go, I noticed this frog sitting comfortably on the hub. I hope the fish raise to it just as good this year!

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