In The Meantime

So…Jonboy came to me a month ago and said he wanted me to do a couple things to the skiff I built him last year.

He didn’t like the way she rode in a following sea, so I decided to make some changes in the bottom. I cut about six feet of the bottom off, from the stem aft. I changed the shape of the forefoot, added about four inches of rocker and replanked with a little bit of deadrise instead of a completely flat bottom like before. After glassing, smearing and sanding the bottom, I had to remake the spray rails up forward, install and glass. Next he wanted a tackle locker/leaning post, so I built that, glassed and installed. I figured that while I was at it I might as well repaint, so I sanded the hull and today shot primer. Tomorrow we should have the primer sanded and ready for topcoat.

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