April Blues

Today we were fortunate enough to catch the first blue marlin of the season (out of Hatteras) …….and then the second!

We fished to the south, and I trolled out to 150 fathoms before turning down the beach. I told Mikey to get an 80 out and put "something big" on the left shortrigger. It wasn’t long before something BIGGER ate it! We made short work of the 250 pounder, and I was able to snap a few quick shots before he got wild on the leader and broke off. A little later we had an unsuccessful encounter with a spearfish, and a couple hours after that we hooked a nother blue marlin, this time a 200 pounder on a 50. He put on a better show than the first and was all "lit up" on the leader, but released his self before I got a picture. Not much to report in the meatfish department for us, we did make a quick bottom drop and caught our one snowy grouper. Thanks to the gang from CEI for fishing with us again!

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