One Man Show

Today Brian had his first Godspeed experience. It was a great one!

As soon as we got lines in the water, we hooked a white marlin. While Brian was fighting the marlin, Mikey hooked two gaffers and started cranking one to the boat. The marlin got away so Brian wound up catching both dolphin. The next bait in the water yielded another white marlin, and this one didn’t get away. Brian angled him to he boat for the release. We picked at the gaffers pretty good for one guy and wound up with a dozen or so, including a citation 40 pounder, before trolling offshore. We made a quick bottom drop for a grouper and Brian said that his day was complete! I begged for another hour to find him a blue marlin but we weren’t able to make it happen. Thanks for a great day of fishing Brian, be sure and share some fish with Matt…..or not!

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